OPERATION STAND TOGETHER represents the collective interests of United States military veterans and their families, who seek to raise awareness to chronic, life-long illnesses and disabling conditions directly resulting from nuclear, biological, and chemical toxin exposures during their active duty service. To that end, we welcome members from all branches of service, as well as their family members. By raising awareness and respectfully voicing our experiences and concerns in an organized, patriotic, and democratic manner, our goal is to significantly improve the lives of those affected through national recognition, legislative reform, healthcare assistance, and disability compensation for those in need.


A culmination of this effort will be a one-day event, which is scheduled for May 20, 2017 on the National Mall, Washington, D.C. The family-friendly event is anticipated to include: a variety of guest speakers (i.e., affected Veterans, Veteran Service Organization representatives, health officials, Congressional members who have supported legislation for creating health registries for toxic veterans/dependents), and information tents for Veteran Service Organizations offering assistance for filing claims to the VA.

"In my judgment, there's no question this is the most contaminated site in the U.S."

Dr. David Carpenter, SUNY, Albany; regarding Anniston, Alabama during

a CBS 60 Minutes episode

Unite various groups to Educate the general public, fellow Veterans and federal government.

Motivate lawmakers to Legislate for healthcare care assistance and well-deserved benefits. 

Purpose of the Event:

"Strong evidence that environmental exposure can cause autoimmune disease comes from epidemiologic studies showing the association between a diversity of environmental exposures and an assortment of autoimmune diseases."

Kenneth M. Pollard, PhD, 

The Scripps Institute

Mission Statement


One-Day Event

“The veterans who served at Fort McClellan deserve answers – we must investigate the link between the toxic exposure at the base and significant health problems those veterans are experiencing,”

Congressman Paul D. Tonko (NY-20)

Meet the many faces of the group members involved with Operation Stand Together.  Veterans, family members, and sympathetic supporters are encouraged to submit a "selfie" or group photo, depicting them wearing an OST t-shirt, holding a sign, hanging up a poster, handing out brochures, or even receiving a fundraising check from a local business or organization. We will be honored to share your photo in the slideshow above.  Thank you!