Cathleen Armstrong in honor of GYSGT Keith E. Armstrong, Jr.

Tim Templeton

Barbara Daugherty-Smith in honor of L/CPL Karle A. Craver, USMC

​William "Bill Lee" Klingenberg


Joseph E. Sprauer, Jr.

Karen Schroeder

Charles Kronschnabel​ - "For you Bill"

Dick Messenger

Maria Thomas - "Let's do this thing!"

Kathy Kirchner Sinai - "For the Atomic Veterans Cold War and Clean Up . USS Renville , 1958 Operation Hardtack"

Catherine Lassiter



Mark Sargent

Bob Partl

W. SuzAnne Handshoe

​Harry Daniel

​Stephen Stapleton



​Businesses who contributed supplies and materials are also mentioned.

Several more styles available.  Please visit ImmortalProductions on www.etsy.com for more information.

Crowdfunding and Direct Donation Link

Piccadilly Printing

Winchester, VA

Home Depot, Store #4618.

​Donation of materials

Fiscal Sponsor Information and Direct Donation Link

It has been our intention from the beginning that the only costs associated with this event for the Veterans and their family members be limited to their travel, meals, and overnight accommodations.  There is absolutely no obligation for Veterans or their family members to personally contribute or donate to this cause.  

Based on early estimates, we are approaching an event cost of $40,000, or more. In order to cover the projected costs and using the 501(c)3 status of a fiscal sponsor, we have launched a GoFundMe public crowdfunding campaign, have applied for foundation grants through several private organizations, and are introducing the concept of community-based fundraising events. Absolutely 100% of all donations received will be used to host this event.  


​Noblesville, IN.